Rekha is Croydon, London based professional makeup artist specializing in bridal makeup as well as bridal hair and henna. Use MAC products for makeup.

With years of extensive experience and a multitude of exposures she is able to enhance the features of any face and sculpt the hair to a flawless finish.

Know more than fifteen different ways of draping sari.

Wedding Day Bridal Hair, Makeup & Dressing £200

Reception Day Bridal Hair, Makeup & Dressing £175

Registry Day Bridal Hair, Makeup & Dressing £150

Mehndi party Bridal Hair, Makeup & Dressing £150

Bridal package wedding, registry and reception day £450

Bridal package wedding and reception £350

Bridal package wedding and registry day £325

Bridal package registry and reception £300

Bridal Trial £60 (Hair & Makeup), £20 will be discounted of the event day if booked on trial day with payment of £25 deposit

Bridal Mehndi from £80 pending on design (design £150 and plus will be discounted by £25 if booked with any bridal hair and makeup package)

Mehndi Party £40 Per Hour (10 to 12 hands per hour, arabic strips)

Family & Friends Hair, Makeup & Sari Draping £75

Family & Friends Hair & Sari Draping £40

Family & Friends Makeup & Sari Draping £40

Family & Friends Dressing £10.00

Family & Friends Trial £30 Hair & Makeup, £20 Hair, £20 Makeup

Travelling Charge may apply depending on location £0.40 Per Mile (Minimum £5)