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Your wedding day is the most important day in your life and you deserve to look and feel stunning.

I am a freelance artist trained by Joshiv & Ash Kumar specialising in bridal makeup, hair, henna & dressing for wedding, reception, registry & engagement.

By having an initial consultation and going through to the trial, I ensure that the most minor points have been addressed to enhance your looks for that special occasion.

Hair, makeup, henna, saree draping for family and friends and henna party. I know more then 15 different styles of draping saree.  In my portfolio of family and friends you can see sisters wearing same saree in a same function draped in different styles.

I am comfortable to work with magazine pictures to do hairstyle you want, so please do bring them with you during trial.

All pictures in my portfolio are taken from my personnel camera or mobile phone so the editing will not be as good as professional photographer standard.

Majority of my customers have seen my work in functions before booking me.    

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